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Getting Started

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This is WordPress theme and first you need install WordPress

Then, download theme form ThemeForest.


Install Theme

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  1. Log into your WordPress blog admin dashboard;
  2. Go to Appearance > Themes;
  3. Click Add new;
  4. Click Upload Theme;
  5. Click Browse to browse for the theme installation file in donwnloaded package And click Install Now;
  6. After successful installation, click Activate to make the Umbrella active;


Install Plugins

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  1. Go to Appearance > Install Plugins;
  2. Select all available plugins;
  3. Select Install and click Apply;


Import Demo Data

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Before importing demo data make sure you have installed all plugins.

  1. Go to Umbrella > Demo Import;
  2. Click Import in main demo block;


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Umbrella have 5 menu locations. On image below you can see 4 of them. 5 menu location – is bottom left menu for blog page.

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To setup menus, go to Appearance > Menus. There you can create your menus and place it in available locations.

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The main feature of theme – is slider. You can manage each slide in Portfolio page in admin area.

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You can change background position per each slide and add categories.

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To change slider settings go to Customizer area. You can change transition effect, transition speed, autoplay and more…


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Umbrella have about 100 global options. You can open it in admin panel Umbrella > Customize or Appearance > Customize. Below you can see screenshots with some customizer sections. There is no need to describe them all in documentation, because all of them have labels and descriptions.

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Metaboxes for Pages / Posts

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If you want some page looks different, then others – use custom page options. Below you can see screenshots with some metaboxes. There is no need to describe them all in documentation, because all of them have labels and descriptions.

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Contact Forms

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Umbrella compatible with Contact Form 7 plugin. You can use forms like on this page: Contact Us.

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